Jonavin “Spyder” Webb | 10 for 10 #43

Welcome back fight fans and wow, do we have a treat for you today?!?! A man you should have heard of by now as he has not only been a CFFC champion but also has had 2 fights in the UFC and is our long time friend, 9-2 Jonavin Webb (@jonavinwebb)! Jonavin is coming off a very impressive win versus Isaac Steele at CFFC 60 and now enters CFFC 66 as the main event facing a very tough Cody Wilson. This fight has huge title implications and could be a springboard for a UFC call so make sure to either get your tickets now or get on the stream August 5th! So let’s take a minute to get to know the main behind the gloves!

Hey Jonavin, long time no see. Get us caught up to date man, last time we saw you was CFFC 60. Keeping an eye on all your social media you are a very in demand guy with a lot of top talent.

Webb: The last year I have been teaching BJJ and also helping fighters in their camps like Sean Brady, Donald Cerrone, most recently Jon Jones and Alistair Overeem. But most importantly I have been spending a lot of my time with 1 year old daughter.

Yes congrats on the new addition, she is beautiful! Now you and I go way back as you were one of my first interviews way back in the day. You seemed to return to your old form in that return fight versus Isaac Steele, as you got the first round submission win via RNC. Can you talk to us first about how it was returning to the CFFC, headlining that card and then when the cage locked, taking home a big win?

Webb: Winning is always great. I felt like I had a game plan and I went in and dominated the fight. Although the high was great, the reason I didn’t fight again right after was because my heart wasn’t fully in to the sport.

Yeah, I could see that and you took a couple jobs around the CFFC out of the cage and we will hit on those later. Obviously, you took a huge step up in competition when you were called up to the UFC. Unfortunately, the fights didn’t go your way. Can you talk to us about that experience and what you learned from it?

Webb: To be honest I believe I made it to the UFC with me only giving 50% effort. Things started to change in my head in the camp leading up to my fight with Lyman Good. Something was off. I didn’t have the drive inside that I once had and it showed in a lot of my performances. I was able to get a couple wins after but like I said I believe that was with my giving little to no effort during the camps.

Yeah and speaking of almost stepping away, since coming back to the CFFC we have seen you take many different roles in and out of the cage in the CFFC. Talk to us about that experience and what are some of your favorite aspects behind the scenes?

Webb: Cage Fury is my home. Getting to work with the legendary Burt Watson is one of my favorite things. There aren’t many people who can pump you up in life like that man does to many fighters and friends.

Completely agree there man! Had the chance years ago to sit down with him before a UFC card in DC and that man had me ready to step in the cage [laughs]! Now let’s get to it, you’re back in the CFFC cage August 5th live from The Borgata as you take on a very dangerous Cody Wilson, who is looking to bounce back from a loss in the LFC. When you see him on film what do you see and where do you feel you hold the advantages?

Webb: I feel like he is good at most aspects in MMA. I just believe that I’m a step or two ahead of him in all of them.

I can understand that and this scrap is a very anticipated one and has the Fight of the Night banner written all over it. As a huge fan of “the spider” what can we expect from you on the 5th? Do you feel a statement win here can get you back up to the UFC?

Webb: Expect me to be 100%. No more half-assing it from me. I’m giving this maximum effort and I know I will be back in the UFC either after this fight or the next one. This time I’m going for the top. Just making there isn’t enough.

That has me ready to go already man! Add in the little Deadpool reference and you just expanded your fanbase [laughs]. I am pumped to see you back to 100% ready to go! Speaking of those fans of yours, I was at an event (Santella vs Periz) and your name got announced during a card you weren’t even on, and the crowd erupted. Talk to us about your fans, what do they mean to you and if you can say one thing to them what would it be and why?

Webb: I love my fans and I think that’s why they show up so strong every time. I appreciate them and know they don’t need to spend their time and money on me. So every time I’m out there my main goal is to make my fans happy. From performing well to partying with them after. I love it all.

I love it man and that’s why you truly are not only a face of the CFFC but perhaps the #1 fan favorite! Outside of the cage you are a pretty well-rounded guy, we see you being an amazing dad to your daughter, helping out your teammates all the time and spending a ton of time with UFC star Donald Cerrone. How important do you feel it is to be more than just a fighter and got any stories from wake boarding with The Cowboy you can share?

Webb: Fighting is a passion but it’s also just what I do. The biggest lesson I’ve learned from Cowboy is that you still have to enjoy life while preparing for a fight. I will never get these years back and I have to take advantage of all of the cool opportunities that come before me. Sooner than I know it I’m going to be an old man telling stories about my younger years. I want those stories to be about crazy adventures and fun sh*t not just I trained for 8 weeks for every fight and that’s it.

I love it man and you hit the nail on the head there, you won’t get those years back and boy does Donald know how to party and take advantage of those years. You have also been a longtime Renzo Gracie guy. Talk to us about what it means to represent such a big name in the world of martial arts. What sort of impact has Master Renzo had on your life?

Webb: I wouldn’t change teams for a million dollars cash. Renzo is the definition of what a “Fighter” is. Wins and losses don’t describe him. What makes him the best is that he would fight anyone in any rule set, gloves or no gloves he didn’t care. He just wanted to represent his family and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His toughness and tenacity rubs off on everyone who comes up training through associations.

FACTS! OK we know your time is super busy so final question. CFFC 66 is shaping up to be a huge card, are there any other bouts you’re looking forward to if you could describe your main event fight with one word, what would it be?

Webb: The thing about CFFC is that you can’t miss any of the fights. Arias Garcia does such a great job matching up opponents perfectly. From the pro debuts to the main event. The word that would describe all of the fight is “Fireworks.”

Yeah, I don’t think anyone ever has questioned our love for that promotion, Arias, Rob, Devon, Burt and the crew truly are second to none! OK man, we really appreciate your time. Before we let you go are there any people or sponsors you would like to mention?

Webb: Yes, because no of this would be possible without Triton solar, D’Ottavio produce, eat clean bro, Warfare inc, Beast Coast unlimited and 12oz tattoos.

There you have it fight fans, the man the main event spotlight will shine on from The Borgata in AC on August 5th, Jonavin Webb! Make sure to get on all social media platforms and get in touch with him as he truly is as cool out of the cage as he is talented in there!

Photo Credit: Cage Fury Fighting Championships | CFFC.TV
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