Katy “Red Dragon” Collins | 10 for 10 #29

Welcome back fight fans! We are fresh off the heels of that amazing, crazy UFC 208 card which featured another amazing display of how women are quickly taking over MMA and have many of the best fights. Today we get to feature a fighter who holds to that standard of exciting fights and crazy finishes, Katy Collins (6-1)! She is quickly taking over the MMA scene with her pension for amazing finishes both on the feet and the mat! So take a minute to get on social media and follow the women known as the “Red Dragon” @katecollins24 and now it’s time to get this #10for10 started!

Hey Katy, thanks for sitting down with us. Take us all the way back to the start of your career and tell us what got you into the world of MMA, what are some of your favorite aspects and if you weren’t a fighter what do you think you would be doing?

Collins: Well, I’m from small town Arkansas for starters, lol. So I’ve basically just grown up being rough and fighting with my younger brother and my uncle who was pretty much just a big kid with us! I was around a few local promotions, one of which my younger brother fought at so I decided I wanted to dip my foot in, asked the promoter for a fight and 21 fights later… here I am.

I don’t really have any martial arts background, you know? Where I come from we didn’t have things like that. It’s a small town with little to nothing. I was just tough and wanted to fight. I just enjoy doing what I do, so I moved to Branson, MO, where I already knew my now teammates, to get better training! I’ve been here nearly 5 years now. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people. We are more like family!

One thing I have really enjoyed about the whole MMA world is that I have gotten to travel and meet so many different people, most of which I began watching before I ever thought about fighting! So to be a fan of so many talented people and then eventually end up on the same cards as some of them, feels very rewarding! Plus, I’m a super fangirl so I get really excited!

If I weren’t fighting professionally, I would probably be serving time… For fighting!

That is awesome! I love the fact you don’t have a background but are so motivated that now you are one of the best. Also, being a super fan and admitting you get excited rules! Welcome to the club haha.  Now you have one of the greatest nicknames in the game, the “Red Dragon”. How did that come about and do you feel it is a good representation of you as a fighter?

Collins: It was kind of a family nickname! My mom and brother called me that because I’m a ginger, and they’d call me Red Dragon when I would get angry or upset! So when I began fighting and was asked what I was to be called… seemed fitting to use it and it stuck.

SO PERFECT haha I love this! For our readers that might not know you just yet, describe yourself as a fighter and if you needed one word to describe your style what would it be and why?


After watching your highlights, I agree! Now we have seen you a little of everywhere in the last two years including RFA and the final female card in that organization, FHMMA and Bellator. What have been some of your favorite spots and why?

Collins: The Bellator fight was really big for me! As I said earlier, to watch a lot of the people I watched before I began fighting and then to be on a huge card (Dynamite 2) with some of them was very rewarding! Almost seemed unreal at times! It was very exciting for me as a fighter and also as a MMA fan!

I loved being part of the final female fight in RFA history and to be named Prospect of the Year after that fight was an honor. I very much look forward to fighting there again this year! They were a great group of people to work with!

I remember seeing an article on you getting Prospect of the Year and then watching you fight, I just nodded my head like “they got that one correct”. Speaking of all those spots, it speaks volumes to the explosion of WMMA, how awesome has it been as a female fighter and seeing the MMA fan base really take an extreme following to females in the cage, hell on most cards they are the best fights of the night?

Collins: I love the sport of MMA whether its men or women competing. I’m just happy to be involved so I am grateful that WMMA has become more acceptable in the main stream.

Couldn’t agree more, the fact that people now are accepting it has done so much for the sport! You’re currently riding a 5 fight win streak which is amazing in this age of MMA. What do you see on the horizon while on this streak, any upcoming fights?

Collins: I try not to concentrate on wins/losses because if I continue to face tougher opponents, Eventually I am going to lose! If/when I do, I will continue to fight because to me its more about testing myself!

I will be returning to Bellator in the very near future but I cannot announce yet so watch my social media for updates.

[Editor’s Note: Sherdog.com is reporting that Katy Collins will be fighting Emily Ducote at Bellator 174 on March 3rd!]

I love it, being humble enough to know there might be a loss down the road and knowing you won’t run away and hide but you will get back in there is awesome… and good to hear because the sport needs you! Back to Bellator!!! Now speaking of this win streak you are coming off a huge win on Dec 9th vs Mandy Polk, a bout which we saw you take the win via a 2nd round TKO finish. Talk to us about that fight, when was the moment you know you would get the finish and how big of a win it was for you?

Collins: Mandy is a professional fitness competitor, has a purple belt in jiu jitsu and is an assistant wrestling coach so I expected her to be a solid opponent especially on the ground. For the first time, I was up against someone who was physically stronger than me so I was unable to rely on my strength and forced to use more technique. That fight forced me to be more patient and wait for the opportunity to find the finish!

AND THAT YOU DID!!! That series of strikes in the 2nd round was something special! Speaking of this streak of 5 straight, and your overall 6th win, you have finished all the fights in the 1st round (except the last one). What do you attribute getting these wins so early to?

Collins: I feel like its my job to finish the fight.

Best answer ever! I got a chance to view some of your highlights online and the action in the cage is awesome but you seem to have a pretty awesome fan base, our good friend Suleiman Yousef even posted on Twitter how we needed to feature you. What does your fan base mean to you and if you could say one thing to them what would it be and why?

Collins: I am just really grateful to anyone who cares enough to follow my career and support me when I fight! I can’t thank them enough!

We are lucky to have someone like you that appreciates the fans too! Now we know your time is precious so before we let you go, are there any people or sponsors you would like to mention?

Collins: the biggest Thanks goes to my coaches and teammates at BFC, I wouldn’t be where I am nor would it mean as much without them!

Thanks to my friends, family and fans for the continued support over the years!

Thanks to my family of sponsors as well for making life with fight camp so much easier to deal with : Lang’s Egg Whites. Bite Me Mouthguards. MMA Roadhog Racing. Dr Thress (Branson Chiropractic Center) I AM SAVAGE Fitness Apparel. MAL apparel. Baldknobbers Resort. Scrap Soldier Fight Gear.

Take some time and follow Katy on Instagram (@katecollins24), Twitter (@katecollins24) and on Facebook. There you have it fight fans… THE RED DRAGON Katy Collins! 

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