“Korean Thunder” Ryan Kim Cafaro | 10 for 10 #46

Welcome back fight fans and boy are we glad to have you as we are very excited to bring you one of the top up and coming fighters in MMA, Ryan Cafaro (4-2). Ryan is currently the #66 ranked pro Featherweight in the Northeast and has a huge bout coming up with Chris Humer-Mitchell at King of the Cage in October so let’s get it and meet the man behind the gloves!

Hey Ryan, thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to sit down with us! You came VERY highly recommended from our friends over at Warfare Inc! Before we get into your career, talk to us about what got you into the world of MMA, what your favorite aspect of being a fighter is and if you weren’t a fighter what do you feel you would be doing?

Cafaro: What got me into MMA was I saw Evan Tanner vs David Loiseau on TV when I was in high school during my wrestling season, and then I was hooked. My favorite aspect of being an MMA fighter is pursuing my passion and my dream. My worst fear in life is being normal, doing a 9-5 working a job I hate, for a boss I loathe so I do everything I can possible to distance myself from that reality. If I wasn’t a fighter I would probably be pushing personal training more aggressively.

I love that man, live that dream and chase it for everything it’s worth! So I have to ask because you pinned it on your Twitter (@ryancafaroMMA) how was the unicorn Frappuccino… oh wait it didn’t make it 5 steps… come on man! What do you got against the purple unicorn [laughs]!?!

Cafaro: [Laughs] I strongly believe that video still has potential to go viral and am disappointed that it didn’t. I try really hard to be funny. maybe too hard.

Still one of the best videos that has come across my stream in a while! Now you split time in Jersey and Philly, two places known for not only a hardcore blue collar attitude but both are well known hotbeds for MMA. Talk to us about how being a fighter in Jersey and Philly has shaped you both in and out of the cage. We all know they can be crucial of their athletes.

Cafaro: I have the best of both worlds to be frank. I train most of my jiu jitsu and MMA stuff in Jersey with guys at Nick Catone’s, and Elite Wrestling, and I do most of my boxing/striking in Philly with Eugene “Chip” Hart and Aaron Meisner. I developed my mental toughness by being surrounded with such tough individuals from both states.

Those are some solid names and places to get you to where you want to be! For our readers that might not know you just yet, describe your fight style and why should people take notice of you?

Cafaro: I’m exciting as hell. I stay on my feet and strike until I hurt people and then they shoot and I guillotine them, that’s pretty much the game plan every time. I keep a fast pace and use my cardio to my advantage.

Sounds like the plan that fans love! You are currently 4-2 overall and 3-1 in one of our favorite promotions, the CFFC. Talk to us about what drew you to that promotion, how it is working with Rob, Arias, Burt and Devon and what is your favorite aspect of the promotion?

Cafaro: They are a great and professional promotion, the absolute best and most professional I have had the pleasure of working with. My favorite aspect would have to be the way they stay in contact with the athletes and do everything they can to make us feel like were at the top level of MMA already.

How great is it having Burt doing the pre-fight pep talk and whats your favorite part of it?

Cafaro: It’s amazing. To hear Burt yell that “we rollin” gets me fired up like nobody can.

Agreed! Speaking of your record, you are coming off a huge win at CFFC 66 vs Adli Edwards via split decision. He was undefeated at the time and had some hype around him. That seemed to be a big step up in competition, do you feel the same and what did that win do in terms of your career path?

Cafaro: I wanted to fight someone who stylistically would have been a bad match up for me. A long, lanky, fighter with high level wrestling has been my kryptonite in the past so I wanted to prove I could overcome that. I feel that win was a good start to my run that will get me noticed by the UFC

Speaking of a previous fight, I got to see the end of your submission win over Alfred Jones at CFFC 59. I got to see a clip of it and I was really impressed by your fanbase as they exploded when you locked in that guillotine, what does your fanbase mean to you and if you could say one thing to them what would it be?

Cafaro: My fanbase is awesome, just people that have supported me since day one and know when I lock on that choke, my opponent is in serious trouble. I would say thank you for all your love and support.

Nice man, I know they appreciate that! You’re a pretty well rounded fighter as you have 2 submission wins and 1 KO, do you have a favorite way to end a fight or are you the type of guy that wants to end it by any means necessary?

Cafaro: Any means. I’m looking for that one punch or one kick KO for sure though.

Next up you step away from the CFFC and will face Chris Humes-Mitchell at King of the Cage: Unlocked in October. When you look at the tape what do you see in Chris as he is currently undefeated (not that beating undefeated guys is new to you) and shown he has the gas to go 3 full rounds. Where do you feel you hold the advantage and what can we expect in this fight?

Cafaro: I feel I am the more active fighter. I am the faster fighter as well as the more diverse striker. We actually sparred once a few years ago and he got the better of the sparring so I’m excited to even the score up on a bigger stage. I feel I hold the advantage on the outside striking range especially and you can expect me to dominate as the fight gets into deep water.

I love it, great fight on paper and it has a back story! Is this you leaving the CFFC or was this just a fight that was offered and you took it? Any plans to get back in the CFFC cage?

Cafaro: It was a one fight deal with a good offer financially so I took it. I’ll be right back to CFFC after this.

Cool, we all know how we love the CFFC! Ok man, I know your time is precious as you prepare for the fight but before we let you go are there any people or sponsors you would like to mention?

Cafaro: All my friends and family and supporters, my sponsors Aaron Coile Massage, Powered by Pohler, Mchugh BJJ, Royal Striking, Eugene “Chip” Hart Boxing, Iron Army, Eat Clean Bro, Segal and Iyer Orthodontist, my coach Wassim Saad and anyone else I forgot you guys are awesome.

There you have it folk, Ryan Cafaro! Make sure to get over to Twitter and follow him @ryankimcafaro and IG @RyancafaroMMA. We will be watching in Oct and hopefully get him a feature after the W, until then fight fans keep your hands up!

Photo Credit: Cage Fury Fighting Championships | CFFC.TV
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