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In the world of MMA there are thousands of prospects across the globe, many which join with minor promotions and live out their careers, fewer will get to the top of those promotions. Even fewer will make it to top promotions not named the UFC then you have the very select few who dominate everywhere they go and can fall into the category of Top Prospect. Today we get a chance to feature one such Top Prospect in CFFC Featherweight, Shane “Hurricane” Burgos (7-0). Make sure to put that name to memory because I can guarantee he will be in the UFC sooner than you think. Shane is the total MMA package as he is devastating on the feet and a straight savage on the ground finishing all his fights (3 TKO’s and 4 Subs). Although outside of the cage he is one of the coolest people we know. So take a second to get over to twitter and follow him @HurricaneShaneb as well as Instagram @Hurricaneshane_. But for the time being it’s time to get to know the man so here we go.

Hey Shane, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us here at We had you all set up for CFFC 61 in a pre-fight interview but then all that fell through but let’s get to that later. Take a second and take us back to the beginning, how did you get your start in MMA, what were some of your influences and if you weren’t a pro fighter what do you think you would be doing?

Burgos: I had a love at first sight kind of experience with MMA. From the first time I watched it I was immediately hooked. After watching for a few months I knew I wanted to learn, didn’t see myself as being a fighter, I just wanted to do it for fun. Two of my friends found a local gym, which is the same Tiger Schulmann’s school that I’ve been with for the past ten years. We signed up for the month trial and I haven’t stopped training since. I literally have no idea what I would be doing if it weren’t for this sport, probably just living an ordinary mundane life which is the last thing I ever wanted.

Ahh… just thought it would be fun, go to a local gym which just so happens to be one of the top in the world haha. Heck of a way to get in. You were described by Arias Garcia (CFFC Match maker) as a guy no one wants to fight and unfortunately we saw that for the CFFC 61 card. No one wanted to step in the cage. This is a pretty huge compliment being that the CFFC is full of savages. First, talk us through the craziness that happened in the lead up to CFFC 61 with not 1 but 2 fights lined up that didn’t happen and is there anything in the works for the near future…. maybe (hopefully) that card in December with Sean Santella. You know… that card that ArtofMMA will be at haha.

Burgos: The whole fight week was just a emotional rollercoaster. I found out Sunday night my opponent was backing out of the fight. I was just relaxing, I was completely done with all of the hard training. All the work had been put in and all that was left was to focus on the weight cut. It killed me to hear that he was backing out, especially so last minute when all my hard work was done. I had no hope of them finding a replacement on 5 days notice even though they were really confident they would find someone willing to take the fight. I had to stick to my diet and water loading all while waiting for them to find someone willing to take the fight. I went through a few different guys as possibilities for the next three days but no one officially accepted it. I do believe everything happens for a reason so I’m trying to be as optimistic as possible, it just sucks that all the work was completely done and I was more than ready to fight. December is looking like it will most likely be the date for my next fight.

Yeah, I saw it was taking a toll on you as we sort of spoke via Twitter a lot while they were searching for someone to step in on that short of notice. But let’s be honest, a wild bear wouldn’t want to step in the cage with you on just 5 days’ notice, much less a normal person lol. Do you think that Arias is accurate and that people avoid fighting you and if you had to describe yourself as a fighter how would you describe yourself and your fight style? And as we have many readers that know the UFC and perhaps not the CFFC, what UFC fighter do you think would be a good representation of how you are as a fighter?

Burgos: I don’t know, I don’t really put much thought into it. I just wait for my manager to give me a name and then we go from there.

I would describe myself as a finisher, from the first bell to the last I’m going for the kill. I never think whether I won the last round or not, all I’m thinking of is finding a way to finish one way or another. A strike or a submission, it doesn’t matter to me I just always want to finish the fight. I would say I’m similar in a sense to Cowboy Cerrone, not exactly in style but mentality. He’s so versatile and has most wins by knockout or submission. Every time you see Cowboy fight you know he’s gonna be gunning for that finish, I try to instill that in people’s heads about myself.

So basically you will fight 5 times in two weeks is what you are saying haha? I wouldn’t disagree with that comparison as seeing you fight and watching you prepare there are a ton of similarities. Now keeping with CFFC 61 and fallout which sadly didn’t end up in your favor as no one stepped up in time, what do you see as next for you, is there anyone you personally would like to see in the cage next?

Burgos: Hopefully UFC is next! Lol but I’m looking at December for CFFC. I have no one to call out, I’ll be ready to fight anyone.

Yeah, there has been a push to get you on that UFC Albany card and while I would love to see that, seeing that ArtofMMA will be at the December CFFC card, I will take the selfish moment and stick around for one more fight haha! Either way we just want to see you fight somewhere. Now I have had the privilege to see you fight live and to put it nicely, you have some of the most passionate fans in the game. I was sitting next to your section when you took on Elbanna and Hobbs and let’s just say it was awesome to see them going nuts! What do your fans mean to you and if you could say one thing to them what would it be and why?

Burgos: Those aren’t my fans, all those people are my family and close friends. I don’t think I’m cool enough to say I have fans, maybe one day… But they mean the world to me, I can always feel they’re energy and I use that as fuel to the fire. I always want to win but to win for all them who come out to see me perform and those who always show me love, it makes the victory all the more sweet!

Yeah ok, I am gonna start disagreeing with you now haha. While chatting on Twitter with readers and friends, your name was the one to keep coming up as the absence was felt, you might be cool enough to have fans now. Now speaking of the gym you just kinda went to as a free trial (lol) and the team you have been a part of for ten years, Team Tiger Schulmann, they have some huge names like Uriah Hall, Jimmie Rivera, Julio Arce and many more. Talk to us about what attracted you to this camp, what keeps you there and are there any under the radar fighters we need to keep an eye out for?

Burgos: I found Tiger Schulmann’s when I was a 15 year old freshman in high school. I’ve been with them ever since. I really believe I’ve got some of the best training partners in the world. From big names like Jimmie Rivera, Lyman Good, Nick Pace, Louis Gaudinot and Julio Arce to guys who are on the rise like Mike Trizano, Bradley Desir, Justin Muslija, Matt Roman, Andy Segovia, Danny Ramirez, Louie Walther, the Varricchio brothers and I can’t forget my boy Mike Fischetti and so many more! You’ll hear of all these guys soon enough! These guys are a major reason for my success, without them and my coaches I wouldn’t be where I am today.

You know we already know about Bradley Desir and those hands (keep laughing at me). Those names and the up and comers are on lots of lists and names to watch in the world of MMA! And we can’t go without mentioning all the great work the coaches and people over at Tiger Schulmann’s do, it really is one of the best gyms! Ok, so you have been sort of a journeyman early on in your career bouncing between the CFFC, ROC and a couple other promotions and now we see you back in the CFFC. Talk to us about what this promotion means to you with guys like Rob Haydak , Arias Garcia, Devon Mathiesen and of course Burt Watson heading it up. They couldn’t speak more highly of you on the Facebook Live session last week.

Burgos: Yeah I like CFFC a lot. They run a phenomenal event, in my opinion they are the most professionally organized regional promotion in the world. Fighting for them, especially with Burt being with them now, feels like I’m fighting for a huge event, like what I would imagine fighting for the UFC feels like.

Couldn’t agree more, it really is one of the best promotions out there! Now Arias said no one wants to fight you and we will say it. You’re a freaking monster everywhere in the cage, you have crazy stand up as we have seen in your last two fights which both ended in KO…. by the way that KO of Bohn was insane, I just sat there watching like ummm wow, but you also have a very slick and sound ground game recording 4 submissions via chokes. Talk to us about how important it is to be well-rounded and is there any part of your game you think needs tuning?

Burgos: I feel like this game is always evolving and if you aren’t well-rounded you can only get so far. I can’t see a guy who’s got a hole in his game surviving at the highest level. I think being well-rounded is an absolute necessity in this sport. Back in the old days you could get away with being great in one area but look at all the UFC champs, the most dominant ones are dangerous wherever the fight goes. I think every aspect of my game could be improved, I’m not complacent and work my strengths and weaknesses equally.

Couldn’t agree more! Now as we put in the intro, you are a Top Prospect in all of MMA that is not in the UFC. What more do you feel you need to accomplish in order to get that call from Dana and company? Is it something you think about a lot or something you know is on the way so you just control what you control?

Burgos: I’m just gonna keep doing what I’ve been doing and I think it will take care of itself. I feel like maybe one or two more dominant wins and I should be getting that call. But of course I think about it a lot. I’ve got a wife and a baby on the way so I want to be able to provide a great life for my family. It’s been on my mind a hell of a lot more lately since I found out I’m going to be a father and because I do feel like I am really close to reaching that next level.

HEYYYYY CONGRATS!!!!! Yeah, that is kind of a game changer in terms of looking at life. Ok man, I know time is precious so last question, and we will go with the he age-old Fight Club Question. If you could stand across the cage from anyone, fighter or not from any era no matter the weight class. Who would it be and why?

Burgos: Conor McGregor. For the obvious reason, I want to have that red panty night celebration when I sign to fight him! Lol but as much as I don’t personally like Conor, fighting him and beating him would be a huge pay day so that sounds good to me! The dude can definitely sell a fight.

HAHAHA YES YES and YES. One fight with him and your kid’s kids are set for life. Beat him and you can have like 30 rematches. Ok man, so before we let you go are there any people or sponsors you would like to mention?

Burgos: Big shoutout to my sponsors, NutraBio, the purest and best supplements in the game and Tigear Fight Gear, the best MMA gear in the game! Also thank you to my whole team, from my coaches, manager, teammates, family and friends! Love you all.

There you have it fight fans, Hurricane Shane Burgos. I’m telling you, don’t sleep on this kid, he very well could be the future of mma…watch one of his fights and just try to disagree. Keep your eyes on @theartofmma and @cagechattererik for updates to when his next fight will occur and follow him @hurricaneShaneB.

[Editor’s Note: Shane Burgos was called up to the UFC before CFFC 61 and made his UFC debut at UFC Albany!]
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