Zu “Zulu” Anyanwu | 10 for 10 #25

Welcome back fight fans and man are we here at ArtofMMA.com excited to once again have THE CHAMP back with us! Zu Anyanwu aka 3TC (3x champ) aka the CFFC Heavyweight Champ took the time to sit down with us before his CFFC 63 title defense Vs Shawn Teed. Zu is currently 12-4 and coming off that huge KO win at CFFC 61 Vs Joe Pinto and in many people’s opinion the best heavyweight not signed by the UFC so make sure to take a second to follow him on Twitter @Azunna215 and Facebook because there no dull moment with the champ. So here we go!

Hey champ and welcome back! So last time we spoke you were getting ready for the Pinto fight. Any what a fight that was, talk to us about it from an in cage perspective, did he do anything different from what you thought he would?

Zu: He showed up as a better fighter and patient. Its looks like he took that time off to really get his skills right and of course his weight up. LOL :). If he showed up like I thought he was going to, it would have been a murder instead of a Dissection. Kudos to his coaches and his training partners for getting him ready for such a fight.

Love it man. Now keeping with that, many predicted that fight would be over quick but it went 4 rounds then you got the KO, was it all part of the plan or was he tougher than you had predicted?

Zu: We knew he was going to be tough. All the fighters are tough from the Carnicella camp. I beat them all up but they’re all stubborn and tough as shit. So your do for a real fight every time against those guys.

Couldn’t agree more, those guys come to fight. Now according to your Facebook you just had the eyes fixed. Are you telling us that you have been knocking people out for this long with bad eyes? How much clearer is the world now haha?

Zu: Not really a big thing had a little correction made. My eyes were always good enough to fight of course but know there a little better.

Man that’s a scary thought, a better Zu. Earlier that night at CFFC 61 Shawn Teed had said he wanted to take on the champ and he got his wish. We saw him end his bout with some slick BJJ and his trademark “Teed Lock”. We know you love that stand and bang style, does his ground game worry you?

Zu: No, I done see everything in the game. Nothing worries me, dumb question if you knew me.

Come on man, they always told me there was no stupid question LOL. So in your opinion what can we expect on the 18th when you face-off vs Shawn?

Zu: Dominate and celebrate… It’s not his time yet.

No doubt, this should be a great scrap. Now taking this out of the realm of CFFC 63, you are one of the guys like Jared Gordon and Sean Santella who should be on the UFC roster. You are now having to defend your title against guys who have 1/4 the fights you do because you have cleared out the division. What more do you feel you have to do to get that call?

Zu: I don’t know, you just said it… Someone out there does not like me, you have to know someone that knows someone lol, jesus.

LOL, but seriously, it’s gotta be soon, that division needs some 3TC. We recently all learned of the passing of Jimmy Binns Jr which was a huge loss for not only MMA in PA but MMA all over, the man who you credit with getting you on the fight game. Talk to us about the impact he had on your career both in and out of the cage?

Zu: Yeah, Jim got my first ammy fight and my first 4 pro fights for me, which we went undefeated and had good run. Jimmy was a good guy and wanted to get everyone in his circle a peace of the pie. He made his mark on the Philly fight game for sure. He will be truly missed. My heart goes out to his family and close friends Ricardo & Phil Migliarese. They loved each other like brothers. He’s resting in peace with a smile of course.

Well said man, a true loss for everyone. Ok getting back to the cage and CFFC 63. We see Arias Garcia back at his magic in creating these huge cards. CFFC 63 sees three title defenses, when you see this card on paper, what are your impressions? Do you ever take a minute to step back and think “damn I am headlining a huge card” or is it a normal day at the office for you?

Zu: There’s a lot main events on this card. A lot of fighters that should be fighting at the next level. Tell AG to stop blowing up my celly 🙂

HAHAHA yeah but you to blame with some of those Facebook posts about bad news and whatnot haha. Ok champ we know your time is precious, before we let you go are there any people or sponsors you would like to mention?

Zu: I’d like to thank everyone at MPR Endurance. Also, HIQ energy drink, franchise customs, Scruples and healthy plate Meal preps for sticking with me. Were about to get this done.

Gotta love the champ!!!! CFFC 63 will take place at The Borgatta in AC on Feb 18th so make sure to get those tickets because this card is insane and it might be the last time we get to see Zu Anyanwu before he is called up to the show.

Photo Credit: Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC.TV)
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