Brandon Becker | The Interview #30

Here at we pride ourselves on bringing you not only big name fighters but introducing you to the up and comers in the sport. This week we are dedicating fiver days of interviews to the Cage Fury Fighting Championships (CFFC) as they prepare to put forth their biggest card to date, CFFC 24 on May 11th from the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. The Fighter Relations and Public Relations Dept of the CFFC (Devon Mathiesen and James O’Hagan) have been nice enough to let us interview basically the entire card of fighters and let you get a up close and personal look at these amazing fighter who are on the cusp of being Bellator and/or UFC superstars!

Now it is time for the MAIN EVENT OF THE EVENING! First it is our pleasure to introduce the challenger for the Welterweight Title fight that will end the evening. He is 6-0 and coming off a split decision victory over Brian Nielson, he is none other than Brandon Becker! Take a second to sit down and get to know the man that will be one half of the main event and looking to become the new Welterweight Champion in the CFFC. Also you can follow him on Twitter @BJBeckerMMA.

Hey Brandon, thanks for sitting down with us, we know you are working very hard for this upcoming title fight so it really means a lot that you take a little time out for us. Can you tell us what got you into the world of MMA?

Becker: Yeah man, anytime. I got into the sport because I was a wrestler in college, after that I coached but I saw that I was getting out of shape and missed competing. So MMA gave me that chance to not only cut off that weight but compete as well.

That’s cool. You have seen a lot of success since you started your pro career in 2007, what do you attribute to that?

Becker: I have been competing my whole life bro. I started wrestling at four so I have sort of live that life and been doing it for a while. I am always looking for something new and MMA gave me a fresh start, I find it fun to see how I measure up vs other guys so with that drive I think it has helped me be successful.

In my last fight vs Brian Neilson my old college roommate Dave Herman (UFC) let me move in with him and train which was pretty cool. I wish I had trained a little more ground and pound, after that training I didn’t have a regular fight camp and that sort of threw me off. It was weird to feel better on my feet then on the ground. When that fight hit the third I felt like I was in a video game and my energy bar was zapped. It is funny, my brother coached Brian at Liberty where he wrestled in college so he knew some of what I was looking to do.

Now you find yourself as part of the main event on a stacked card vs a super tough guy in George Sullivan who hasn’t lost since 2011 how did you feel about this fight when it was announced?

Becker: I thought it was a bit odd because I have not been in the CFFC for very long and I am still new to the sport only really fighting for just a little over a year. I have had a lot of fun learning new things from practice and all my fights and it will be interesting to put that to work vs George. He is a step up in competition so it will be interesting.

You are coming off a fight in which you won via split decision over Brian Nielson. What kind of thoughts and emotions did you go through when they were reading the scores?

Becker: Man this is a crazy sport, you can think you won a round that you lost and vise versa. I try not to think about it that much. Brain was tough that was for sure. I thought he won rnd 1, rnd 2 was up in the air and I thought I was close to finishing him but it ended up going to judges. It was nice to test my limits and go to a decision, it proved to me I can go into those later rounds.

Now you get that “step up in competition” as you put it vs the champ George Sullivan. What types of things are you working on for him? And what’s your prediction?

Becker: To be honest I am not really making a game plan, I wouldn’t want to make one then fight goes another way and I am stuck like “oh shit”. We will see where it goes. I want to push the pace and see what he wants to do. I plan to fight hard in any position.

As for prediction I want to win. But I don’t wanna focus on that I just really wanna compete well and the w will come.

Sounds good. So the age old Fight Club question asks if you could face anyone in the cage who would it be and why?

Becker: George Sullivan. I have been thinking about him for so long and getting ready for this fight.

Awesome! If someone was to come up to you thinking about getting into the world of MMA what would you tell them?

Becker: Man this sport isn’t for everyone. Try it out and if you don’t like it don’t do it. Don’t make it more than it is, but remember to get in the gym and practice because you can’t just walk in to the cage without training.

Anyone you would like to thank?

Becker: Special thanks to my sponsors; Peach Country, Tractor, Rothman Institute, RollJunkie and Long Lane Home Services. Thanks to all family, fans AND friends for all the support.

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