Brock “The Machine” Jardine | The Interview #45

MMA Fighters tend to get the rep that they are glorified bar fighters who only train, fight and eat protein bars. Many people don’t get the chance to really know them outside of what they see on TV and read/see in interviews, and most of the time that is manipulated to make you think a certain way or to buy a PPV card. We here at Art of MMA pride ourselves on bringing you the real side of these men and women so hopefully you can realize they are more than “Rock Em Sock Em Robots” who care about nothing but fighting. Today we are very proud to bring you our conversation with former UFC fighter (and hopefully soon to be once again UFC Fighter) Brock Jardine. Brock is 9-3 and you should know him from his epic battle with Rick Story and he was also on the undercard for UFC 157 where the gender barrier was broken in the UFC. I was very impressed with just how down to earth the man known as “The Machine” was while talking with him after seeing him in various battles throughout his career. Make sure to jump over to Twitter and follow him @BrockJardine, chances are he would be more than happy to take a minute to talk you if he isn’t already wrapped up golfing or hitting up some video games.

Hey Brock thanks for taking the time to sit down with us it means a lot, can you take a minute and tell us what got you into the world of MMA?

Jardine: Thanks for having me guys! I got into MMA because of a couple reasons, I was a college wrestler and really love competition and the other reason was UFC vet Jamie Varner. He was a college teammate of mine and was really into MMA and the UFC. He had like 10 pro fights, was an assistant coach on TUF and really got us interested in the sport. So me and some buddies started renting old UFC tapes and I think our first PPV we bought was Tim Sylvia vs Andrei Arlovski 1 hahah. But yeah those are the reasons, I mean every college wrestler dreams of the day he won’t have to cut weight and go through all the hoops that is wrestling but truth be told after 6 months of not competing I kinda felt worthless, my roommate at that time was practicing Jiu Jitsu and I was instantly hooked.

That’s awesome man, there always seems to be a roommate hahaha expect your was a household MMA name in Jamie Varner. Now you actually hold a Physical Education Degree, what made you take the MMA route rather than the teaching route?

Jardine: I grew up a very athletic kid playing basketball and other various sports and had that childhood dream of becoming a pro athlete and well basketball didn’t work out hahah. My brother and father wrestled so that was in my blood and I picked it up fairly quickly, did very good in high school but then not so great in college which left a pretty bitter taste in my mouth so I wanted to change that and wrestling is the pipeline for MMA.

Very interesting and I think you made a great choice. Now not to bring up a sour subject but you were recently released from the UFC. What now motivates you to train and get back in the cage and if you could choose any of the organizations like Bellator, World Series of Fighting, CFFC or any others which would you choose?

Jardine: I am a competitor at heart and that has always driven me but also to make the money to support my family. Don’t get me wrong if you are reading this don’t get into the sport to get rich cause chances are it won’t happen. I am in a lucky situation where people do know my name because of the UFC so I can make some solid money when I fight and I don’t have to go back to the little circuits.

As for which promotion I would want to be a part of, obviously the UFC I would want another shot at because I am not very happy with how I did (0-2) but World Series of Fighting (WSOF) is coming up pretty fast. My teammate and fellow UFC vet Josh Burkman is doing pretty well over there, they also seem to take care of their guys. I have flirted with going to 155 but I don’t feel I have ever been over powered I just got caught. I had a pretty good showing in my last UFC fight vs Kenny Robertson I just got caught in a move I have never seen before haha. Hard to train for something you have never seen but congrats to him. I think I can win that fight 9/10 times but that was his night.

Speaking about the Robertson fight that was at UFC 157 where the gender barrier was broken when Ronda and Liz took the main event and first women title was won, how amazing was it to be a part of that card?

Jardine: It was an honor to be a part of that. Yeah I have a sour taste in my mouth about how my UFC career went because I am better than that but I guess that is a pretty cool thing being a part of history and I can always say I fought on that card. Liz and Ronda are amazingly talented along with the rest of the pro WMMA circuit like Sara McMann (Silver Medal Olympian) and others. Women like Ronda are making a case that they could compete with some men at their weight class.

Another cool thing about that was that it was in Anaheim where another teammate of mine (UFC vet) Court McGee had his UFC debut vs Ryan Jensen (UFC 121). I spent and still do spend so much time being his punching bag at practice that it was amazing watching him make that debut and I remember thinking to myself “I want to do this” and then boom there I was in the same place. It was very special.

Wow that is amazing and I never realized that. Pretty cool fact right there Brock! Now you have mentioned a couple of your teammate so far like McGee and Burkman who are all part of The Pit Elevated which is where you fight out of in Utah. Talk to us about what makes that place so special and why you stay there?

Jardine: I don’t think people realize that all the guys there (Pit Elevated) are from Utah. We are associated with the world renowned Pit (Chuck Liddell and John Hackleman). I am like the only one that didn’t grow up in Utah. I don’t want to bash anyone or any camp but we take pride not having to fly in guys from all over the world for us to be on the top of the game, I mean look at what Burkman is doing now, it’s pretty special. It’s really cool being part of a homegrown team. Ramsey Nijem (roommate) and I were college teammates and we pretty much started training our stand-up skills in our living room hahha yeah this is a pretty tight group and I love it here and feel we are one of the best in the world.

Awesome man!!! So what do you like to do in your spare time and do you teach any sort of MMA classes?

Jardine: I do actually teach some beginner level classes and that is sort of my “part time job”. Pretty cool story I have an amateur who I am having turn pro soon and in one of his first matches someone came up to him after the fight and asked where he wrestled in college because his skills were very high level, he told them “Brock Jardine wrestling 101” because he hadn’t wrestled in college, that is one of my favorite moments of my career. I also keep in good shape and train a lot. I am starting to train smarter which is easier on the body. I also spend some time playin golf and video games.

There it is someone finally said the truth and that they spend free time playing video games hahah. So it’s time for that age old Fight Club Question, if you could stand across the cage from anyone who would it be and why?

Jardine: Wow that’s a tough one. I would have to say Matt Hughes, he was my favorite fighter and I really have a ton of respect for him. Funny story he was at the 157 card and my girlfriend got to meet him, go figure I didn’t but she told him I was a huge fan and he said he would be rooting for me. But yeah I would love to stand across from him because of the amount of respect I have for him.

Yeah Matt is for sure one of the greatest of all time. Time for a two part question: 1. If you could enlighten fans about one thing they could learn what would it be? 2. If someone came to you thinking about getting into the world of MMA asking for advice what would you tell them?

Jardine: For the fans it would be to understand everything that we go through to step through that cage door. I think fans are becoming more educated in regards to the different styles but there is much much more, this isn’t just a bar fight. I think Shaq said it best with his “G-Rating” where he rates someone when they comment about a sport they never played. Have a high rating haha.

As for advice I get asked this a lot at the gym and I tell each one of them the same thing. If you want me to corner you then give me a year of training. There is a lot one has to learn before they get into the cage, it’s not only a learning thing but I want you to be safe in there too.

I also tell people to keep life simple, don’t look at the superstars because it is very rare one gets to that level. I had a coach once tell me “shoot for the moon and if you fall short you will still reach the stars” and that has always stayed with me.

That is amazing man! So before we let you go are there any sponsors or people you would like to mention?

Jardine: I would like to thank my sponsors VA Mortgage Leader, Pit Elevated and MMA Draft. I would like to thank my coaches Jason Mertlich, Arnold Anderson, Kamami Stephens and Domenic Rossetti. I would also like to give a special thank you to Will and Heather Farrar for everything they have done in supporting me and my career.

Awesome man! Well thanks so much and there you have it fight fans, the one and only Brock Jardine! Make sure to get over to twitter and follow him @brockjardine and maybe get at him on Xbox of PSN.

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