Jimmie “El Terror” Rivera | The Interview #51

When a fighter describes another fighter as “something special” and tells you to keep an on eye them because they are gonna be big someday chances are you should listen. Today’s fighter interview is just one example of that. We recently interviewed CFFC’s Bradley Desir and when asked about who he likes to watch and who we should keep an eye on the first name he said was Jimmie Rivera. So we did just that and lucky enough for us he had time to sit down and answer some questions. If his name doesn’t sound familiar well it should, Jimmie (12-1) is a Bantamweight in Bellator and made a short appearance on TUF: Bisping vs Miller, he is also riding an impressive 11 fight win streak.. Make sure to shoot over to Twitter and shoot him a follow @jimmierivera135.

Hey Jimmie, thanks for taking the time out to sit down with us. Can you take a second and talk to us about what got you into the world of MMA and you are riding an incredible 11 fight win streak, what drives you to keep working so hard?

Rivera: I got into the world of MMA cause I’ve done it since I was about 9 years old. I think in sometime of my life I definitely would be doing mma. I love the art form and skill. What drives me into fighting is that I want to be the best 135lb out there.

Well you are doing an damn good job of proving it!! We recently interviewed Bradley Desir and he couldn’t talk more highly of you, what does that mean to you and what in your eyes makes you a fighter to watch?

Rivera: I want to thank Brad for recommending me. I would describe myself as a fighter as a nonstop push the pace fighter. My goal in a fight is to wear down my opponent and look for the finish. People should watch me because it will be entertaining and they will enjoy the excitement of the fight.

I couldn’t agree more as I have seen most of your Bellator fights and some in the other promotions. Speaking of that you have been in a bunch of different promotions, which has been your favorite and what would be your favorite promotion to fight for?

Rivera: I’ve been in different promotions of course my ultimate goal is to be in the UFC which is one of the biggest promotions out there. All the promotions were great and treated me great. It’s just the stepping ladder for me to get better and better. Bellator, Ring of Combat and King of the Cage were awesome to fight promotions to be in.

Very nice! Now you have primarily on the east coast, if you could fight anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

Rivera: I would love to fight in Vegas again but in front of huge fight crowd. When I fought there was for the ultimate fighter show. I think another place I would love to fight at is NYC. That’s my back yard and to be one of the first 135lb to fight there would be an awesome experience.

Nice and I am sure you are not alone in the dream of being fight fighter in a weight class to fight in NY. Now you are fighting out of NJ and Team Tiger Schulmann, talk to us about that and who are some people in your camp we should keep an eye on? Also being that close to NY what would it mean to have MMA legal in NY to you?

Rivera: Fighting out of Team Tiger Schumann is awesome they are a family to me. They have been there for me since the beginning. Guys to look out for would be Lyman Good, Carlos Brooks, Nick Pace, Louis Gaudinot and Julio Arce. We have a great team coming up in the high levels. I can’t wait for MMA to be legal in NYC. It’s like a dream come true.

I couldn’t agree more! Now you have been in the MMA game for a while, what are some of your goals both in and out of the cage?

Rivera: Some goals in and out of the cage..hmm. Out of the cage is getting my school started and open. Right now looking for a location in NYC, I love teaching self defense and getting students in shape. That’s my goal as an instructor. In the cage I want to be one of the number one rank fighters out there and be UFC champion one day.

Those are some pretty amazing goals and hopefully you can achieve them, they world could use more quality MMA and self defense teachers and the way you are ripping it up in the cage that champion goal in just a matter of time. Now you’re part of Bellator and they are just wrapping up Fight Master, you were part of TUF first talk to us about that and would you ever consider being part of Fight Master?

Rivera: I don’t know if I would ever be on Fight Master right now in my career. The TUF experience was unbelievable. It is really a place where you find out what you are made of. You go there and do not have your team or family behind you. It’s just you out there and it really shows what your made of. I think it was one of my toughest fights. Just because you don’t know who you’re fighting you don’t have your coaches. You’re basically going out there blind and seeing what you’re made of. I learned a lot through that experience.

Wow I guess I never really thought of that aspect of TUF, thanks for the knowledge that is pretty crazy when you think about it but if you take it as a learning experience like you did I guess you can’t lose! Now speaking of the UFC, who is your favorite guys to watch?

Rivera: I like GSP just because he is hardworking sticks to a game plan and follows through. He is very humble fighter and is the definition of a martial artist.

Yeah he tends to be a favorite not only among fans but with fighters as well. We will see what he has vs Hendricks soon! Now it’s time for the age old Fight Club Question. If you could stand across the cage from anyone in the world who would it be and why?

Rivera: If I got to pick I would have to say the Bantamweight Champion of the UFC. I would love to fight the title holder be it Cruz or Barao and have a chance to get that belt. It would help to accomplish my goal of being the best. They are both great fighters and it would be an amazing fight.

I agree that would be awesome and maybe one day we can have just one champion in that division. So last question for you and we ask it of everyone, if someone came to you looking to get into the world of MMA what sort of advice would you give them?

Rivera: Find a gym that won’t throw you into a fight right away but help you get ready. There is much more than just throwing punches in a fight. Find a gym that will help you get ready for a fight completely. Find a gym that will set you up to be a champion not a failure.

Awesome advice! Well thank you so much for your time, before we let you go are there any sponsors or people you would like to mention?

Rivera: I would like to thank all my fans and family. I would also like to thank Team Tiger Schulmann’s MMA. Make sure to follow me on Twitter @jimmierivera135 or on Facebook Jimmie Rivera. Thanks guys!

Thank you and there you have it fight fans! Make sure to keep an eye on the Bellator schedule as Jimmie could be coming up soon and get over to the social media and follow him!

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