Ryan “Superman” Spann | The Interview #41

When asked about today’s fighter interview subject Ryan Spann aka Superman Spann, American Top Team teammate Cody Williams (make sure to go ready his interview) he describes him as “talent that respects hard work”. After being told about him and watching a 3:12 highlight tape on YouTube (make sure to turn volume off song is NSFW) I was instantly hooked and knew we needed to bring Ryan to you MMA fans that read these interviews. After speaking with him I was instantly hooked on his story and we here at ArtofMMA.com know you will be to so make sure to jump on Twitter and Facebook and follow @superman_spann because if he keeps the pace he is on there will be gold around his waist soon!

Hey Ryan thanks for taking the time out to talk with us and right off the bat I have to be honest that Highlight tape you have on YouTube had me and a couple other people off our couch yelling “daaaayyyuuum”, I have to ask man why is it we haven’t heard of you sooner?

Superman Spann: Thanks for having me guys, thanks for the reaction about the tape too hahaha it kinda catches me off guard that people actually watch that but to answer your question man it’s myself. I am not one for lots of attention, I just go in there do my job and leave haha.

Very interesting for such a young guy to be so humble which is not a bad thing! So let’s start from the beginning, what got you into the world of MMA?

Superman Spann: To be honest I am not really sure but if I had to point to one event or person it would be my brother. We are 10 years apart and I really look up to him and he took me to a Jiu Jitsu class and I had no idea what I was doing but I enjoyed it. At the end the instructor invited us to some private lessons and later to American Top Team and I have been there ever since.

That is pretty awesome! So you are the 3rd ATT guy we have had the privilege of interviewing (Mike King and Cody Williams) and in fact you came high recommended from Cody Williams who you train with at ATT Beaumont. What makes that place to special and what drives you to keep going on a daily basis because I can imagine that place is filled with savages?

Superman Spann: Cody is an amazing person and I really look up to him. He took me under his wing and really showed me a lot. He seems to really understand me and he is so quick and powerful that I have to bring my top game to practice each day.

I choose to stay there because of the family type atmosphere, we all stick together an learn from everyone in the gym. It is like a 2nd home.

What drives me? That’s easy, my family. They are the most important thing in my life, they are what gets me out of bed each morning and keep pushing in training all day. I have to provide for them I have a 1 year old and a fiancé to take care of. Also being able to spread the word of God and showcase the talents he gave me is pretty important. Also my hatred for losing, I want to stay undefeated.

Very nice answer and glad to see you are doing a good job taking care of that family! Now looking at your career you are 3-0 as a pro and you are huge for your weight class at 6’5 yet you have won all your fights via submissions, do you see yourself as a submissions guy or do you just take whatever is open to get the win?

Superman Spann: I don’t really see myself as a submission guy as I have a ton of background in striking such as Tae Kwon Do, boxing and Karate along with grappling like wresting and Judo. I have been blessed with an amazing reach which I am trying to use more and I know my coaches want me to use more but to be honest I don’t like knocking people out. I know it sounds weird but I would rather ripped off. But yeah I am just not a fan of knocking people out.

I think that may be a first for me hearing that! Very good answer but your highlight tape striking may have something to say about that hahaha. So on your Facebook you have a couple pictures of your training sessions with UFC vet Alan Belcher. Can you give us an insight into how that went and what you learned?

Superman Spann: It was amazing and he is an amazing person and teacher! Cody and I are hopefully going back in August before my next night. We had a ton of fun and learned so much in regards to ground work, stand up and Muay Thai. He also told me because I had been thinking about a weight switch to stay at 170 which was cool because he fights at that weight too.

That’s awesome! Alan is a really special fighter and person from the words we have had on Twitter and what we have seen on TV. So speaking about training what is your favorite technique to drill in practice?

Superman Spann: That is a tough one but I would have to go with my Superman Guillotine which got me in the record books as one of the 100 fastest submission victories (#28 http://www.tapology.com/search/mma-fastest-fights/quickest-submission-finishes-in-mma) with my win over Corey Manuel.

Wow that’s crazy you’re in the record books!So back to your opening comments about how you don’t understand why people cheer for you, can you explain?

Superman Spann: Don’t get me wrong I love my fans and they are amazing I just don’t understand why people cheer for me haha. It may be because I am so hard on myself and well I am happy with my performances I am rarely satisfied and always want to be better. But I am just a normal quite guy so it is a bit shocking to hear my name and people want to talk to me and my autograph but I gladly do all of that haha.

That’s awesome that you stay that grounded with the talent you hold! So you have a fight coming up on September 25th can you tell us about it?

Superman Spann: I wish I could haha. I will be there but I am still waiting on an opponent to be named. I doesn’t really matter though because I barely look at that stuff when training, to me it doesn’t matter who it is. But if you come back to me later I will gladly let you know.

Fight Club Question: If you could stand across the cage from anyone who would it be and why?

Superman Spann: Any champion in any promotion.

Short and to the point I like it! Last question before we let you go, if you could give any piece of advice to people thinking about getting into the world of MMA what would it be?

Superman Spann: You got to want it and you can’t be on the fence about it. This is a violent sport and lifestyle not just in the cage but outside for example weight cutting. You can get really hurt everywhere so you have to be committed and really want it!

That makes sense and glad you brought up the outside of the cage life because not many people think about the extreme dieting that goes with that. So before we let you go are there any people or sponsors you would like to mention?

Superman Spann: Radiology associates, shields of strength, Shotokan.biz, BlkJak, World Gym Beaumont and FNT Construction. I would also like to thank my family and my team American Top Team Beaumont Texas along with my fans! Thanks for having me guys!

Well there you have it fight fans Ryan “Superman” Spann. Make sure to go follow him on Twitter and you can bet we will be keeping up with him as well!

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