Live Free or Die Hard

A moment of self-reflection occurs in any man as they are plunging towards Earth off the face of a mountain. Not sure if it’s life or death that awaits. It is in that moment of clarity that a person sees their life flash before them in a cinematic slow motion of sorts. For Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, that is almost a daily routine and he would not have it any other way.

For a moment, and we are pretty sure that’s all it was, Cerrone was taken aback. Falling and fracturing his hip and foot in an accident that could have been much more grave no matter how easy the climb was expected to be was an awakening for the Cowboy. Almost contrite after the fall he would go on to assure his boss Dana White that he was done, no more risking his life. But in typical Cowboy fashion, that only lasted for a moment.

After last Saturday night’s destruction of KJ Noons at UFC 160, Cerrone would brush off the questions and later retreat to an only during training comment when pushed on if he was truly done with his wild antics. For a fighter that lives on the edge and fights the same way, few expected a true change and surely fans would not want it any other way. White probably would like to have his marquee stars a little more careful, but that just isn’t who Cerrone is. He never will be.

For a man that has held gold in WEC, had wars with the likes of current champion in the 155lb division Benson Henderson and former WEC champion Jamie Varner. No one will ever question his heart, his courage and his willingness to mix it up with anyone at anytime. It’s why he’s a fan favorite. It’s why people love him. In WEC, he was on the mountain top. Coming to the UFC he had to start all over. He ran through opponents at a break-neck pace too. But on the cusp once again he would lose to Nate Diaz, and after another run he would lose to Anthony Pettis. How does he respond? But absolutely destroying former Strikeforce champion, KJ Noons.

“A champion is something I want to be. You always want to be able to say you are the best in the world. That is the overall goal.” – Donald Cerrone

This last incident however does seem to have Cerrone at least temporarily taking his career more seriously. He’s now seeing a sports psychiatrist and trying to fight his demons in the cage that leads him to occasionally take an important fight off. Though it leaves room for thought that while never intentionally that maybe Cowboy loses on purpose when on the cusp so that he can continue to fly under the radar. A champion Cerrone surely would never be allowed to take the risks in his personal time as a representative of the UFC with that strap around his waist. A contender Cerrone can do whatever he wants. No one would ever suggest he does it on purpose but it is a theory. Especially after Jon Jones crashed his car drinking and driving and Jose Aldo had his motorcycle accident that left him unable to fill a committed fight after injuring his foot.

Cerrone is an exciting fighter. He lives an exciting life. Sometimes it’s rock climbing, sometimes it’s out on the lake. He is a midwest kid that grew up loving the outdoors life. Having a sense of adventure. Living for one challenge after the next. What is his greatest advantage might very well be his greatest downfall. When he is in the cage he let’s all go. Not a person on this planet can say they have seen a boring Donald Cerrone fight. Not in the cage and probably not even in training. One just has to hope he lives long enough to see each fight.

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