Sean “Shorty Rock” Santella | The Interview #66

Welcome back fight fans and we have a HUGE crossover MMA card this weekend as Alliance MMA is bringing together many different organizations including the CFFC to take part in a huge event with V3 Fights. One of the main fights on this card features our very good friend Sean “Shorty Rock” Santella (@srock125) as he takes his CFFC interim Flyweight title and faces off versus Lawrence DiGiulio. Sean took a couple minutes to sit down with us and catch us up to speed!

So Sean, first thanks for taking the time. Life has been busy for the man named ‘Shorty Rock’. Catch us up to speed!

Santella: Same shit different day [laughs]. Just been training my butt off cornering my teammates and growing our jiu jitsu program at Miller Brothers MMA.

We hear that. You got a blockbuster bout coming up with V3 Fights and we are 48 hours out. Can you talk to us about what your daily routine is like building up to this bout?

Santella: Well I’m sitting on the runway as we speak here in Memphis [laughs], we can’t get off the plane yet. My weight is good and I feel good so we’re gonna check into our hotel get some lunch then get a workout in. Hopefully tour around Memphis a little bit but the weather is pretty crappy here. My routine is the same for every fight. Train my ass off and keep getting better. I teach full time and train full time so I don’t have much time to do anything else [laughs].

Good to see you got the plans all laid out, hopefully it clears up and you can get off of the plane. So you are 2 days away from your crossover Flyweight title fight with V3 Fights in Memphis. Can you talk to us about how this came about?

Santella: After my last fight I had gotten a 65 day suspension, I guess from my loss. So I called Rob up to see if there was anything available right after I was cleared and he said V3 Fights. So he put me in contact with them and they asked me if I wanted to fight the winner of a flyweight title fight they had coming up and I said “hell yea”. They said they’ll promote it as champ vs champ. Well the winner wanted nothing to do with me so V3 Fights went through the Alliance roster and found me a worthy champion. So here we are!

That is awesome man and I love this match-up! Now before we get to that, this is the first Alliance MMA crossover fight, talk to us about it feels to be the guy reppin’ the CFFC in this bout and where does this rank on your accomplishment rankings, it’s a pretty important event!

Santella: It feels awesome man. I just love to fight so just being able to do what I love is amazing. Reppin’ CFFC is always an honor. They put on some of the best fights and have some of the best talent outside the UFC. When reppin’ them you know you’ve earned it.

Couldn’t agree more! I know our readers know the love we have for them. Now you face the newly crowned HFC Flyweight champ in Lawrence DiGiulio. This seems to be a dream match for you as he loves to roll and look for the submission. What do you see when you and your team scouted him?

Santella: Yea you’d think so but no one wants to play around with me on the ground. He’s gonna come out and try to take my head off [laughs]. I’m ready wherever the fight goes.

Yeah, I agree with that [laughs]. You are kind of a monster down there. So what can ‘Shortyville’ expect in this bout and after it what do you feel is next?

Santella: One step at a time. Make weight, EAT, get the W then on to the next one [laughs].

Man, always the constant professional! Well we wish you the best of luck and before we let you go are there any people or sponsors you would like to mention?

Santella: Big shout out to my family and teammates at Miller Brothers, Nick Catone MMA and Ricardo Almeida BJJ for preparing me every day to do battle. 2&0 meals, Bobby at Mr Sandman, Ken Powell and my good friend Harley Breite.

There you have it fight fans, make sure to get over to Sean’s social media as there are many links to watch the fight as well as support Shorty Rock at the same time! We will also be doing updates on via Twitter with @cagechattererik.

Photo Credit: Cage Fury Fighting Championships | CFFC.TV
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