Zu “Zulu” Anyanwu | The Interview #67

Welcome back fight fans and today we have short notice interview with a guy you should be very familiar with, CFFC Heavyweight Champ and the eighth wonder of the world Zu Anyanwu! This interview has been long overdue as he finally got the call up by the UFC and he will make his debut tonight at UFC Fight Night aka UFC Pittsburgh. Now before we get into this make sure to get over to Twitter and follow him, @Azunna215! Now let’s get right to it!

Hey Zu! Thanks for taking the time the day of your fight! How was it getting that call up, walk us through what happened and what sort of emotions you went through, especially after being featured on the show?

Zu: I was like are you for real?!? A week notice? Gotta get my fat ass in shape? Like whatever… Ill take it.

[Laughs] I follow you on all social media as we go way back, I know you’re always in shape and up to this task. So you step in and face Justin Ledet who is 8-0 and a guy who is known for his submission skills but can also throw some hands. Talk to us about this match-up and what you see on tape?

Zu: He’s a solid fighter. Most likely will be one of the fights of the night.

Looking at the styles I could definitely see that. You took this fight on a week notice. What type of rigors do you go through in that week or are you always war ready?

Zu: Usually try to recover during fight week… since it was short notice we’re just trying to open up the lungs as fast as possible and get down under 265 limit. I’m always mentally ready though.

No doubt, you were born to do this. Now we know this is been your goal for a long time, you appeared on Dana White’s show and you have run through anyone that has stepped across the cage from you in the CFFC. Is this a one fight deal or is there a chance this could finally be the call up we have all been waiting to see for good?

Zu: Its multi-fight.

Well I know that that just put the heavyweight division on notice. I’m nervous for them because we know how you like having a strap around your waist. Well we wish you the best of luck tonight at UFC Pittsburgh. Before we let you go can you give us a sneak preview of what we can expect from you tonight?

Zu: Expect a victory and a hell of a fight!

We can’t wait for this scrap as Zu is a guy with a special set of skills and the persona to go with them. He will make an immediate impact on the heavyweight division!

Photo Credit: Cage Fury Fighting Championships | CFFC.TV
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